Gallo University courses not showing as complete

From time to time, a course score will not get uploaded to the database.  If this happens, there are a couple things to know:

  • Often, there is just a delay in the score being recorded and displayed.  If you check back in 30 minutes, you may see the that your status is updated.
  • Particularly with the World Wine Regions courses, you may notice that there are two additional windows that are open (in addition to your original browser window) when you open a course.  You need to make sure you close the window that the course appeared in FIRST after completing the course.  If you close the Gallo University window first, your session will be disconnected and your score can't be recorded.
  • Sometimes scores just don't make it to the database.  If there is an internet disruption that breaks the connection with the database server, it may not be noticeable to you, but there will be nowhere to send your score!  If this happens, taking the exam again won't help, unless you log out and log back in again.  This isn't necessary, though -- we can update your score manually.  Just let us know which course it was and what your score was, and we can take care of that within 1 business day.
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