Basic LMS User Management

The LMS makes it easy to create and organize users. By default, the LMS has four user levels:

  • Administrator (sometimes referred to as Super Admin)
    • Administrators have the ability to manage users and courses, run reports, and add/edit site messages.
  • Group Administrator
    • Group Administrators can manage users assigned to specific groups and view those learners' transcripts.
    • Group administrators can be selected while on the group edit screen.
    • Note: Not all Learning Management Systems have the Group Administrator role enabled.
  • Instructor
    • Designating a user as an instructor does not give them admin rights by itself, but allows the user to be listed as the instructor. Instructors can then be associated with ILT (classroom) courses.
  • User (learner)
    • The default user type. Learners can log in, view their transcript and take assigned courses.

Adding Users Manually

To get started adding users, simply navigate to the “Manage Users” option under the “Users” menu and complete the form fields.

Default Password Workflow

Knowledge Anywhere's LMS allows users to self-register for the LMS using a default password, also known as a keyword. Keywords are tied to groups and determine which course sets the user will see on sign up, allowing you to control which courses a learner sees by issuing a specific keyword. The default password workflow may not be enabled by default; ask your Account Manager to learn more and get started with self-registration.

Each Group has an associated keyword that may be found by checking the Group tab under the Courses tab. You may then provide users the associated keyword to allow learners to self-register using the following process:

  1. Using your browser, navigate to the LMS login page.
  2. Enter in your desired username.
  3. Use the keyword as your password.
  4. When you click the login button you will be prompted to complete your profile and will be logged into the LMS when complete.
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