Adding Videos to Courses in Course Builder via the Video Template

The most common way course authors leverage videos in Course Builder is to use the 'Video Template' available for selection when you create a new page in your course. Click on the 'Gear' icon to get started adding your video through the video template.

Video Format Fields

By default, the template will accept three different video file formats. When the course is played in the LMS, the course will automatically determine which video field should be utilized based on the learner's browser.

As a helpful hint, the video input fields do not actually care what format you enter in, and are more of a recommendation. Chrome and Internet Explorer 9+ will play the video specified in the M4V field; Firefox will play the video specified in the OGV field; and Internet Explorer 8.0 or lower will play the video in the FLV field.

To put it another way, you could choose to put an MP4 in the M4V field, or the newer WebM format in the OGV field.

You are also not limited to browsing and selecting files located on your hard drive. You may copy and paste links to videos from a streaming service or alternate server such as an Amazon S3 bucket or corporate server into the input fields.

Dimensions Fields

You may also modify the video dimensions as desired. 640 x 360 (letterbox) is the default dimension, however 640 x 480 is recommended for widescreen videos.

Poster image field

Upload or provide a URL to an image that will display as your video loads. Typically this is a simple screenshot of a selected frame from your video. If left blank, users will see a white screen instead.

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