How can I provide the information Support needs?

One of the first things the support team is going to want to know is whether your system is compatible with the product you're using. Check out the System Requirements for Knowledge Anywhere's LMS, if that's the product you're having trouble with, and compare them to your own.

Information that can be helpful to the support team when troubleshooting a technical problem includes but is not limited to:

  • Your Operating System (e.g. Windows 8.1)
  • Your web browser (e.g. IE11)
  • Your Flash version (e.g. 17.0)

An easy way to provide all this information and more is to visit from the computer and browser experiencing the issue. Copy and paste the results (or export to PDF and attach that file) to your ticket.

It's also helpful to ensure you have provided a detailed description of the issue including:
* What you're trying
* What happens as a result and
* How that differs from what you expected

Thanks in advance for providing detailed information. It will make troubleshooting your issue and finding a resolution that much more fast and efficient. :)

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