A learner completed a course, but it isn't showing up on their transcript. Why?

This is not a common issue but, if you have a lot of learners, a small percentage may encounter completion issues — and they will contact you! Common causes include:

  • Browser is not supported. Make sure the learner is using either Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome.
  • Page refresh. If a user refreshes the course page, either intentionally or unintentionally, the course will lose its connection to the LMS and the score will not be transmitted. Unintentional page refreshes can be triggered by third-party ad blocking software and security software.
  • Unstable or interrupted internet connection. While a user is taking a course, they must be utilizing a stable (wired) and uninterrupted internet connection. If internet connectivity is lost, even for a second, the course will no longer be able to transmit any of the completion information back to the LMS.
  • Course is not 100% SCORM compatible.
  • Learner believes they have completed the course but have not actually met the completion requirements specified in the course (for example, the course may require that all pages have been viewed and the learner has passed the test but has skipped pages).

We recommend the following troubleshooting steps, in this order:

  1. Verify that there is not an issue with the learner. Have they met the course completion criteria? Are they confusing the course with another course with a similar name?
  2. Verify that there is not an issue with the learner's environment. Are they using a supported browser? Do they have all plug-ins (e.g., Flash)? Do they have a good internet connection? (Run a speed test such as www.speedtest.net.) Are they behind a restrictive firewall (bank or military)?
  3. Verify there is not an issue with the course. Are other learners experiencing issues with the course? If you pass the course does it show on your transcript?
  4. If the above steps don't resolve the issue, contact us and we can conduct or help you with more sophisticated troubleshooting.

If a user believes they completed a course, but this is not accurately reflected on their transcript, you may use the “Mark Users Complete” feature under the courses menu. We do recommend solving the underlying issue, since no score will be recorded.

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