Can I duplicate an entire course?

Do you want to create a course with very similar content? 

If you do, you'll find that duplicating the course will save you time and effort in creating a new one from scratch. 

To duplicate a course follow the instructions below:

1. From the Administrative side of the Learning Management System navigate to the "Courses" tab in the main navigation bar header (i.e.

2. Select "Courses" from the side navigation bar on the left.

3. Select the "Copy" button at the top of the "Courses" page.

4. Select the name of the course you'd like to copy from the drop down menu that appears and then select  the "Copy Course" button.

5. Once you've successfully copied your course you will be redirected to course edit mode where you can make any changes to the copy of the course. Once you select "save" at the bottom of the course editor your new course copy will be ready to go!

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